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Hail Mary, full ov disgrace
The Lord has fornicated with thee
Cursed art thou among men
And possessed

Cunning as shroud ov Turin
On the autopsy ov god
Damnata Virgo Maria
Credo undone

Bitch ov a sybilline vulva
Usurpress and liar
Witch of broken vows
Centuries wept because ov thee…
Where art thou now in the hour ov trial?!?

Cunning as shroud ov Turin
On the autopsy ov god
Creatio ex nihilo
Credo undone

Wretched is the fruit ov thy womb, Babylon!
Holy mother, mother ov god
Pray for us not, the sinners
Now and at the hour ov our death

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wiJdàne black meTal

wiJdàne black meTal

I Love The Music! ♥♥♥\m/ <3

#1. Poster à 2011-07-17 06:55 - At The Left Hand Ov God Paroles

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Behemoth - Amen Paroles

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