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Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone Paroles

[Verse 1]
She said kiss me like you miss me, f*ck me like you hate me
And when you’re fucking someone else just f*ck her like she ain't me
, those words are scary, those words are scary virgin Mary
I just tell her to spare me
I was in love 2 years ago and gave the baggage to my ex
It’s all for her to carry, bags she deserve to carry
I hate that h*e, I make it so hard just to talk, don’t I?
I get on topic don’t I? I get it poppin’ don’t I?
I’ll end up stopping won’t I? And by the time I end up stopping
You’ll be rocking one of the rings you pointed out while shopping with a n*gga don’t lie
She’s losing it right now, cause if I wasn’t who I am, she woulda been moving in by now
But instead we’re moving slow, I guess she’s used to it by now
And she gives me all her trust and I’m abusing it right now
But this money coming in is just confusing s*it right now
You just told me I ain’t s*it and I guess I’m proving it right now

I say I’d rather be with you but you are not around
So I’mma call somebody up and see if they be down
Cause I hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
Half the time we don’t end up fucking, I don’t ask her for nothing
Leave me in the morning, I don’t see ‘em for months
But I just hate sleeping alone, I hate sleeping alone
So she’s here and we’re both so throwed

[Verse 2]
Hotel to hotel, girl I could use your company
Full name and birthday, I book a flight and you come to me
But she don’t want a weekend, she wants all of me or none of me
If she can’t work with all of me then she say she done with me
You say that you over me you always end up under me
You know how it goes, don’t be crazy, don’t play dumb with me
Don’t start with yo s*it, I put you back in yo place
She tells me “I bet you won’t, you won’t say that to my face”
And hang up yeah, how dare you tell me it’s tougher for you
Like I don’t hear about the n*ggas you fucking with, too
And whoever I be with, they got nothing on you
That’s just something to do when there’s nothing to do
Yeah, but she’s losing it right now
She has choices she should make I think she’s choosing it right now
One more chance to make it right, I think I’m using it right now
You just said I never learn I guess I’m proving it right now


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Drake is amazing ! I love every song on Take Care album. ♥ ♥ ♥

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I Love Drake! ♥♥♥

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cedric alloway

cedric alloway

I Like Drake

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This article achieved exactly what I waetnd it to achieve.

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Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone Paroles

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